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[Amps] FS: Heart of 600w SS HF Amp

Subject: [Amps] FS: Heart of 600w SS HF Amp
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Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 19:35:24 -0500
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I have a pair of fully populated used dual-MRF422 boards
with the matching copper spreader and heat sink.

Includes some other parts, e.g. fan, terminal board, etc.
associated with an abandoned HF amp project.  (The boards
came from a rack mount 1200w HF amp designed to be paired
with a maritime HF transceiver.)

Asking $195.30 obo including flat rate USPS shipping.

For just the cost to ship, & only with this package, is
a 28vdc 10a PS useful for low power testing.


David (NOT Dave) Colburn, KD4E - Nevils, Georgia USA

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