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Subject: Re: [Amps] "N" Connector
From: Jim Brown <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 09:49:02 -0800
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## You just nailed it. Part of the problem is there is a lot of different type of N connectors out there.....with and without pasivated center pins. The non pasivated types would allow for the center pin to slide back a tiny bit....when its cold out. That’s when the int RX and in extreme cases, TX problems started up.

Nearly two weeks ago, I posted the following, which seems to have been missed. In that post, I observed that this uniquely designed and very well manufactured connector is quite easy to install properly and solves the migration problem. They are, by far, the best N-connector I've ever seen, and the only one I would consider using for RG8/213/LMR400-size cable.

Several years ago, I called this company and ended up talking to Mr. Andros himself, who was a ham. When I emailed again two weeks ago, I got a quick and very positive telephone response from his son, who is now running the company. When I observed that there wasn't much info on his website, he told me that he had recently been hacked, and had to rebuild it.

73, Jim K9YC

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This looks like the EXCELLENT N-connector made by Andros Mfg in upstate NY. I LOVE this connector -- easy to install, and it solves the migration problem. <> They fit RG8/213 and Commscope 3227 (#10 solid copper center, shield like LMR400) quite nicely. You solder both center and shield to one piece, then screw the retaining shell onto it.

They are not easy to buy though -- I called all the dealers listed on the company's website, and the only one who actually sold them (WB0W) tried to sell me a Chinese knockoff instead. But they did have some Andros connectors in stock, and I bought a dozen or so for my parts stock.

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