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[Amps] 2xGS35b on HF

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Subject: [Amps] 2xGS35b on HF
From: Benedikt Sveinsson <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2014 16:02:34 +0000
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Hi amps specialists

As a side project I have been building a HF amplifier.

I have successfully built a GS35b 70cm amplifier, I have a big external
power supply (1,5A ICAS @4kv) that I previously built.
I was going to build a GS35b 2m RX1AS style, but decided on going for a
SSPA as my K3 that I use for EME can only output 10w, so driving the amp
would need a separate driver amp and I just went for the SSPA and that is
near completion.

I bought some GS35b¹s in Friedrichshafen last summer and I have sockets

And for some more back story - the idea was to buy a GU84 or similar
tetrode for the HF amp, but I wanted to build the tank first and see if I
could indeed build the damn thing. Now I think I have the tank fully built
- and I started contemplating just putting a single GS35b in as I have
some around. 

What about 2x GS35B¹s ?

Has anyone here done that ?
What is the input impedance of the two tubes ? (scarse info available) (I
have a WD7S input board that he mailed to me by mistake, I will pay you if
I decide to use it! ;)

I imagine it being a helluwa high power amp - but good for 48 hrs
contesting doing 1.5Kw  (not imagine driving it hard!)

What would be the drawback on using two tubes - I read somewhere don¹t use
two tubes, use a bigger one!

There is a considerable investment in a GU84/GU78 with a proper socket -
and I¹m worried about stability of a high gain tubes - (do I have to?)

73, Benni TF3CY

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