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Subject: [Amps] WEIRD ONE SOLVED
From: "Bill & Liz" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 19:50:07 -0400
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Thanks to Paul, WD7S, my problem has been solved.  Paul kindly analyzed the 
original schematic of the amp and my conversion and determined that a wiring 
error in employing the W4ZT bias board had resulted in creation of a grid 
metering circuit instead of a plate metering circuit.  The negative lead of the 
bias board should have been grounded instead of attaching to B- since the GI7-B 
has an indirectly heated cathode whose pin is common to one side of the 

Bottom line: everything now works as it should.  Now, bring on the 6M DX!  
Thanks again, Paul.

Bill VE3NH
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