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Just to be clear, OM Power is not making the model OM1500 any longer.


Bob W5OV
Array Solutions
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15.08.2014 4:18, Paul Kraemer ?????:
> The GS-23B tetrode
> has anyone used one of these in a linear?
> Comments?
> Paul K0UYA _______________________________________________
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Hello Paul and All,
GS23b is  quality Russian tetrode, it works on HF-23cm and was widely used
in Russian military stations and in TV transmitters.
It is not very popular in amateur use because of it requires complicated 
coaxial socket,
it is impossibly to find factory made socket for this tube. But GS23b is 
very good tube made from quality
materials and you can watch a few amateur designs with GS23b here:
Mats, KD5FZX was able to run 1kW on 23cm. It is possibly to use GS23b on 
HF with power up to 2kW.
OM Power buillds OM-1500 HF-6m 1500W PA with GS23b, it is easy to find 
it in Internet.

Dr Alex Gavva
UR4LL, KO70xg

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