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On 10/08/14 06:35, Chris Wilson wrote:

When companies pot a string of 1N4007's (1 kV at 1 Amp) they rate the string at .75 Amp. The diodes, lacking the posts or copper foil to act as heat sinks, run hotter when potted. Short leads to the circuit board copper conduct heat away from the silicon die better than long leads.

Hello Han,

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014,  you wrote:

hi George-san and all

I think HV6-1 is equivalent to GI HVPR10-MX12.

I have measured forward voltages of these diode modules
using a CVCC power supply with 100-mA current.

Assuming each of the diode in a string exhibits 0.7 V forward
voltage one can presume how many series diodes are in
the module.

GI HVPR10-MX12 6.36 V: 9 diodes
EDHD 15k 10.67 V per a leg: 15 diodes x 2 (which I am using)
SEMITECH KV-PAC SDHD-15k 12.97 V per a leg: 18 diodes x 2
Toshiba S5166A (13 kV 500 mA) 14.0 V: 20 diodes

I think 10 x 1kV 1A diodes in series is OK as an alternative.

de Han JE1BMJ

Has  anyone  experimented  with  home "potting" diode strings to make
their  own  blocks?  I  am  curious  about diode lead length, physical
orientation, and potting compound used. thanks.
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