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[Amps] FT-100d QSK Master SB-200 Tuner Antenna hookup problems

Subject: [Amps] FT-100d QSK Master SB-200 Tuner Antenna hookup problems
From: Frank T Brady <>
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2014 18:20:04 -0400
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I haven't used my SB-200 and QSK Master for so long I've (apparently) forgotten how to hook everything up. Now that we have moved from an apartment to a house, I would like to start using the amp again. I put up a temporary 20m dipole fed with 600 ohm open feedline and everything worked fine without the amp. I could tune 20 thru 10 to full FT-100d output (provided I varied the feedline length for some bands).

Then, when I tried to introduce the amp and QSK Master, my K3 Logikey keyer seemed to be overwhelmed by stray RF unless I keep the FT-100d drive power lower than the amount necessary to produce amplified signal.

The hookup that has problems is:

FT-100d ---> QSK Master ---> SB-200 ---> Tuner ---> antenna

I tried the following hookup and the K3 overloading goes away. But this setup has very critical antenna tuner settings and the settings for the amp OFF are completely different than the tuner settings for the amp ON.

FT-100 ---> Tuner ---> QSK Master ---> SB-200 ---> antenna

In both hookups, the FT-100d "ACC" output jack is wired to the QSK Master "KEY" input jack.

I hope to discuss the problem with someone that has experience with my components.

Frank W0ECS
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