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Subject: Re: [Amps] HV Diodes
From: Manfred Mornhinweg <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 21:43:47 +0000
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If you knew as much about amp history as you may not know about other ham items you would know that Alpha has used potted diode blocks since the 1970's.

Indeed I'm not a specialist in historical ham equipment, specially not in US-made tube amplifiers. I'm more at home in the solid state realm, and more in the present than the past.

 > Instead of continuing the guesswork why dont you ask Alpha what is inside?

I'm too shy to do that. I think it's fine to waste my own time musing about this stuff, while I feel too sick to get up from the shack seat, and OK to waste the time of other people who choose to hang out around here and probably enjoy it, but wasting the time of an Alpha employee who surely has more important things to do, would be almost criminal.

OTOH I stated "almost universal" knowing exactly your reply, and Alpha is far from high volume compared to others using 1N5408's.

What other currently manufactured full legal limit amplifiers exist? I'm really not up to date on which are still being made! I thought that Alpha is pretty much the best known. At least here in Chile the only relatively new full legal limit amps I get to see are Alphas, and when people drool about a quality amp, they think Alpha. There are a lot of hams using old amps, most of them with voltage doublers, and I have also seen a couple of lower power, lower cost Ameritrons and the like, and several 1kW Japanese amplifiers of the well known brands, such as the Kenwood TL922. But I can't remember right now having seen any other 1500W, new tube amplifier.


Something will pop up! ;-)


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