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To: L L bahr <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Solid State Amps
From: Dan Simmonds <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 15:29:54 -0400
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Hi Lee,

Good point.

Two comments:

With pre-planning, this parts obscurity dilemma can be mitigated significantly by selecting more popular parts sharing commonality. You mention displays....a perfect example. 7" displays - a globally standardized size - are here to stay in a variety of different industries.

A lot of this has matured now to the point where when one part becomes obsolete, another identical, or near drop-in replacement post-dates it. Switch-Mode power supplies are one, and FET's are now another. For instance, from just quickly looking at the two data sheets, the ST Micro SD2933 (released in 2004) and the SD4933 (released in 2009).

Dan  KK3AN

L L bahr wrote:
What turns me off to Solid State is the fact when you need replacement transistors, they 
most likely have become obsolete. I'm tired of it.  Same with displays.  You need to 
throw the radio away because the display that went out is no longer available.  Screw all 
this new stuff.  I'll use my Collins and Drake rigs with a L-4B, L-7, SB-220, etc. At 
least the Chinese 3-500Z tubes hold up.  Anything using 572Bs these days are disqualified 
from being used in my shack.  I'm off this "buy a new rig every year" Merry Go 

Lee, w0vt

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