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The MLA is more compact than the L but the Ameritron will fit left to right behind the tank coil. The input resistor has to be moved to under the relay and a 1/4" hole drilled in the steel center divider which is the side the HV comes from. Its tight and you dont want the choke too close and parallel to the tank coil.

OTOH it wont buy you much overall improvement but it will replace a blown original choke.

Ive been removing 4 turns from the originals in customer amps since we got the WARC's and cycle in my back up amp MLA in place of the Alpha 76PA a couple of times a year...and keep the power down to 1000W and the Ig low.

The DTR-2000L does the same for the LK-500ZC at the other station.

Yeah, I like the simple amps that give me no trouble (-;


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I was able to fit the Ameritron plate choke in my Clipperton L.

Dunno if it will go into the MLA but it could be worth measuring up.

73, Alek

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The Dentron amp will work on 17m and 12m (not permitted on 30m), BUT ... the RF choke MIGHT burn up if it is not modified to remove resonances in those bands.

The usual mod is to remove 2 to 4 turns from the RF choke. It works 99% of the time, but you must be careful to use LOW power drive and tune to see if there are any 'fireworks'.

Good luck

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