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[Amps] Henry 2KD-4 Blower Replacement

Subject: [Amps] Henry 2KD-4 Blower Replacement
From: Bill Putney <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 13:40:25 -0800
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I'm sure this has all been covered here in the past so, if you want to, you can reply offline.

I have a Henry 2KD-4 amp. It's in good shape except that the blower has gotten so noisy people complain about it on the air.

I took the bottom cover off the desk unit and it looks like there are nuts that hold the blower to the bottom of the PA deck. Do I really have to take the PA deck apart to get to the top of those screws or are they studs?

Henry has always been so good about their mechanical design that I can't believe they'd make something like a blower replacement something you'd have to take the whole amp apart for.

A follow up question, what have people been using for blower replacements these days. I'm looking for something that will fit, put out >30 CFM at 0.1 "-H2O, have ball bearings, and run at relatively low speed (I think Henry spec'd a 1600 RPM one) so it's quiet.

I'd pay some more for a quality blower that I will never have to replace again in my lifetime.

Thanks, Bill - WB6FRW
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