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[Amps] Re GS35B Arcing or Gassy

Subject: [Amps] Re GS35B Arcing or Gassy
From: nemo zilch <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 19:00:30 -0400
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True to his word Dr. Alex promptly sent me a replacement.  Received it last
week.  I tested it with HV before starting the conditioning process and it
looks good.  I ran it up to 9000 volts with no sign of breakdown and no
measurable leakage current on a 25 ua meter.  I didn't go any higher
because last time I did so my tester filter cap failed somewhere above
10000 volts, although it claims to be rated for 15000 volts.  Gonna get a
better cap for the final testing after conditioning.

Dr. Alex gets my highest rating for his prompt and non controversial
replacement of the first tube.    He is everything one could want in a

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