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Re: [Amps] oil vs distilled water cooling.

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Subject: Re: [Amps] oil vs distilled water cooling.
From: "Paul Christensen" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 06:54:57 -0400
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"## at least if you had a leak..with distilled water, you wont get a mess like with oil.
If it was me, Id use a combo of distilled water + water wetter. The water wetter, added to the distilled water, stops bubbles forming. Water wetter is sold at any automotive parts stores. I use it in both my engine radiator.....and also in my roots type supercharger on my mustang V8... ( intercooler-heat exchanger- pump-degas loop). "


I still run an old vapor-cooled Alpha 70V and purge/fill it with distilled water on an annual basis. Brand-name distilled water shows very low leakage, even at 4KV. How does adding Water Wetter affect HV leakage? Or, are you suggesting its use with water-cooling through an insulated jacket?

Paul, W9AC
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