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Re: [Amps] oil vs distilled water cooling

Subject: Re: [Amps] oil vs distilled water cooling
From: Steve Wright <>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 08:27:46 +1200
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 David Lisney wrote:
> Deionized water can contain dissolved minerals that the demonizing
> process cannot remove, namely dissolved silicates which are plentiful
> in Florida water. (elsewhere I have no knowledge) These minerals do
> get deposited in the cooling circuit and an acid rinse does not
> dissolve them. (they are white glass like coating) I will add that
> operating these high power tubes with water on their collectors
> (through the Ammeter and overload relay coil) is made much easier by
> grounding the collectors and supplying the high Voltage to the cathode
> with the power supply terminal with the surplus of electrons. (the
> negative terminal) * after 50 years and 5 months. 

I started replying, before I realised this was a troll!  Very well done,
and you had me for a second until I re-read your last sentence a few
times! Point taken as well, that the water thing has been done to death.

To be perfectly clear though, deionised water will be near "absolutely
pure" - far purer that steam distilled water.  I spent a year in the lab
of a thermal (gas powered steam) power station, and they used the
deionising process specifically to remove silicates and others.

In any case, it is no matter as deionised "battery water" is available
widely at auto-parts stores. 

KA4INM <> wrote:

>    Water requires more energy per gram of liquid to change its
> temperature.  Water can hold more heat energy than oil.

The heat-removal issue has already been resolved, and that level of
cooling is not required.  There is only about 5KW continuous, not 20KW. 

And as far as hoses blowing off after being double clamped and resultant
oil-sprays, I think that is a nonsense.  The hydraulic hose industry
uses only single clamps, and they are rated to many thousands of PSI.  I
will be using solid steel pipework with Swagelok compression fittings,
and there will be no more "blowing off" in my shack other that what is

I think I see the problem:  People cannot get past their fears - having
a highish temperature flammableish liquid in the shack. 

And at first glance, 4KV at 2amps right next to your cup of coffee is
just as risky a proposition, BUT we build the amp properly don't we, so
that isn't a risk.  If I make "HT" mistakes building an amp of those
proportions, then I shouldn't be building amps at all.

Oil will be fine.  Proper pump, proper steel pipework, proper steel
fittings, and so on, done properly, just like your perfectly safe HT supply.


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