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Re: [Amps] I 'm selling my 2000W amplifier on ebay

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Subject: Re: [Amps] I 'm selling my 2000W amplifier on ebay
From: "Hsu" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 12:41:02 +0800
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Still no. Because we mainly supply China market  now,  I'm sure it will
have CE and FCC type accepted in future,But I was beset by doubts.
I'm not sure how about CE and US market and how long tube PA life in these
market .I noticed that many manufacturer turn to solid state  PA.
IMO, The amateur radio manufacting equipment is a sunset industry, espcially
vacuum tube amplifer, Chinky is too late  :D
If the Mao died in 1949, maybe we can into this market  before 30 years :(
About FCC and CE accepted, I do not know ho to run it , I had contact with
some company in China. It seems the cost not too much, but we do not
discuss deeply.If some bidy have have expenrience, It would be  appreciate.I
think I muct redesign my amplifier.with PI-L net work , the gain no morethan
13db,10m cancel etc...
PS, If we do not use surplus tube, used new 3CX1500A7 , Is  it wll be a good
market?the PA should work in 1.8-54MHz, the cost shouuld be much expensve than far as I know , no susch product
in the world.
the next step, I will modify  my existing PA to work 6m band and develop a
new HF+6m cheap 800W amplifier(maybe use 2XGI-7B or GI-46


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Are these FCC type accepted?
Paul K0UYA

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Subject: [Amps] I 'm selling my 2000W amplifier on ebay

I reduced the price grately, nearly no profit! off line  deal with me
direct:$2K! more  detail
see Item#:  272040899564.But I will increase the ALL amplifer's price later!

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