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[Amps] Eimac Tube Question 3CX1200A7

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Subject: [Amps] Eimac Tube Question 3CX1200A7
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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 21:38:07 -0800
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Give him is money back (less shipping) and sell it to someone else. Sounds like he has buyers remorse?

73 and good luck.
Jim W7RY

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Subject: [Amps] WTB 220 amp/ Eimac question update

I am quite happy to report that when I installed the 3CX1200A7 tube into my 3K console to evaluate it after being returned
by the buyer as non functioning, I find it to be fully functional!

I have communicated this to the buyer, and offered him the following two options: #1. Return his purchase price minus all shipping involved since that was on me.
#2. Return the tube to him at his cost with no warranty.

In addition, I have offered to participate in some fashion of video chat to demonstrate it working if he should desire.

Thanks for everyone's comments both on and off list.

Don   N8ECH
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