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[Amps] Help with AM-456A/TRA-19 amplifier

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Subject: [Amps] Help with AM-456A/TRA-19 amplifier
From: "larry" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 21:30:43 -0500
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   Hello all, I'm trying to resurrect this amplifier I found today at a local 
antique store. It appears to be for the 222MHz band, and uses a 4CX250 tube. It 
is currently missing several tubes in the Power Supply section (V101, V102, 
V103 which look to be the rectifier tubes, and V105 which I'm guessing is maybe 
the time delay), and I could not locate anything of value on the web as far as 
schematics go. I took a peek underneath the PS to see if it's been updated with 
diodes, but there isn't anything extra added. Plus, there are 4 wires connected 
to V101 - 2 coming from the transformer, and 2 leaving and connected to V102. 
It appears to have been modified for the Amateur frequencies already or was in 
the process of being done, and I'm hoping it's on 222. Would someone have any 
idea what tubes I could use in this old beast, or a conversion article or tips 
on upgrading old military power supplies to SS? The transformer has a 1500V 
secondary if that helps any.

It looks like I've found my winter project ;-)

Thanks for your help,
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