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[Amps] Dentron 160- 10L/M blows fuses

Subject: [Amps] Dentron 160- 10L/M blows fuses
From: greg greene <>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 13:13:55 -0700
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Howdy folks, I have a vintage - as in untouched by golden screw drivers,
Dentron 160 - 10 L/M amp.  It has been a good amp but I retired it a while
back when I went SS.  I wanted to sell it, so I fired it up to get the
current output.  With no carrier everything is just fine.  HV  right where
it should be. Zero deflection on the meter when switched to amps.  I
mistakenly hit it with full drive and it popped the fuse.  So, what I would
like to know is what I should check and it what order.  These are simple
amps and I'm thinking it can't be that hard :)
If I have to replace the caps - I see that they are ones I have not seen
before with screws holding them to the PC board - what would a good
replacement be?

Thanks for allowing me to tap into your knowledge base !!!
Bear in mind this is factory original - even the original 572B tubes.

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