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My experience was with logic parts (74xx and CD4xxx series variants and the follow-on families), not with discrete power devices and the characteristics may be different. However for the logic stuff, the failure rates are high in the first few hours of operation, then drop to some pretty amazingly low value for a very long time (equal to tens of years) and then final death.

The problem is that the "wear out" if you want to call it that is so far out that it's generally considered a given that the gear will be obsolete or some quality defect (eventual corrosion ingress to the package) or external event (voltage spike,etc) will before any wear mechanism kills the part.


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Migration is a real phenomenon but it's a quality defect, and not part of
the normal operation. Google "purple plague."


So, absent migration, do transistors "wear out"?

73, Bill W6WRT
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