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Dont even bother trying to find suitable new production axial lead caps, they dont exist any longer.

For several years now Im using 100uF 450V Snap-In caps that perfectly fit the old clips which will be either 30 or 35 mm diameter; Im not home to look at my notes or measure. Ive been using the CDE 381 LX series for decades on customers and mine but the latest 381LR series has higher ripple current specs and is cheaper as almost all cap R&D is on that style these days and zero on axial which is steadily going away.

Replace the equalizing resistors with 100K 3W MOX from Mouser, etc. Less heat in that seriously air blocked compartment.

Be careful with the board rewiring and dont get the polarities mixed up.You will also likely break that fragile HV lead going up to the top plus insulation is often cracked. I use 20 gauge stranded Teflon but any HV wire is OK 22 gauge or bigger.


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I am going to replace the power supply electrolytics in a National NCL-2000 soon. The amplifier is in cherry condition and I would like to recap it as close to original as possible. Are there direct replacement capacitors available or will I have to get capacitors that are a different physical size? Is there any other updates or changes that I should make?

Larry, WA9MAG
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