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[Amps] NTC thermistors as soft start

Subject: [Amps] NTC thermistors as soft start
From: Conrad PA5Y <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 14:22:12 +0100
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I have just acquired a GS35B PSU. It is 3 phase and the schematics show 3 x NTC 
thermistors in series with each primary. I presume that these are some kind of 
soft start. I am not familiar with these devices but they make me 
uncomfortable, I have always used a series resistor that is shunted by a relay 
after a few seconds in the past. I do not have the model number of the devices 
used as I will need to open the PSU to find out what they are but I assume that 
they are similar to this device.

The resistance varies depending on the load current and they get hot in order 
to operate, this really puts me off. They have quite a long time constant so I 
am uneasy about them altogether. 

Should I be concerned and replacing them with a soft start for each phase? 

Apart from that the PSU is very nicely made and will provide up to 1.6A@ 3600V. 


Conrad PA5Y 
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