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[Amps] Dedicated 6m 2250W amplifier

Subject: [Amps] Dedicated 6m 2250W amplifier
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Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 11:25:59 GMT
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   Offering to the serious 6m contester or DX&rsquo;er, a mint condition 
AL1200 retrofitted with an 8877 and dedicated to 6 meter operation. Develops 
2250 watts 
of key down output power with 50w of drive.  Plate voltage is rear panel   
rocker switch  
selectable for  either 3600VDC or 4000 VDC plate voltage. Complete with a  
capacitor rectifier extender board to handle the increased plate voltage.  
Automatic grid 
protection with a 3 minute delay timer. Fully adjustable rear panel  input 
tuner to 
adjust to any exciter. Typical output is:  2w drive  325W output;  10w-1000w;  
-1600w. Offered at $2400 pick up only in the Scranton, PA area or in eastern  
New Jersey 
when visiting with the children.  Can also arrange for a Dayton pickup at my 
cousin&rsquo;s vendor&rsquo;s  location.   Ron W2CQM/3  570-857-9267   
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