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[Amps] Cooling 77SX

Subject: [Amps] Cooling 77SX
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2016 14:38:23 -0400
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As it sits now, the fan is always on at 
the maximum amount and other than when I'm 
on RTTY, the air temp from the exhaust 
rarely gets over 110 degrees. 

The fan is noisy from the air turbulence, 
the motor/bearings are as new. I would 
like to reduce the fan to a low speed and 
kick in at a higher temperature. What 
would be ideal would be for the fan to 
progressively increase the RPM to match 
the cooling need and increase as the 
temperature increases. 

Perhaps the most reasonable solution would 
be to have the fan run at a minimum speed, 
place a thermostat with probe in line and 
have it kick in at one specific temp and 
give full RPM at that point but I would 
prefer a progressive speed:temp solution.

I've also thought another option might be 
to remove the fan & disconnecting the 
power to the motor, connecting a 20' long 
6" duct to the exhaust vent and at the 
distal end of the duct, have an in-line 

I can't visualize how to make a 
progressive speed solution and I'm not 
sure of a cost effective thermostat that 
would be small enough to be internal to 
the amp.

Any suggestions, thoughts? I really would 
like to keep the fan noise down in this 
otherwise silent shack.



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