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[Amps] Gates-Harris HFL-2500 2.5 kW HF Linear Amp: $900

Subject: [Amps] Gates-Harris HFL-2500 2.5 kW HF Linear Amp: $900
From: AB <>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2016 22:32:27 -0500
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*  *  *  2.5 kW HF Linear  *  *  *

Gates-Harris HFL-2500

Continuous duty 2,500 W output from 2-30 MHz

The final output tube is an Eimac 4CX-3000A, with a 4CX-250B for the driver.

For tube specs see:

The original factory manual is included.

It was donated to W0EEE (University of Missouri-Rolla Ham Club) in the mid
1980's; and the donor assured the Club at the time that it was fully
operational.  The W0EEE ham shack didn't have a 220V circuit available to
power it - nor did they have an HF antenna capable of handling full legal
limit - much less 2,500 W.  Thus, they decided to sell it to raise funds
for other club projects.  I bought it thinking that it would make a killer
amp for a 10M FM split-site repeater - or possibly someday becoming minor
"big gun" on the HF bands.  It's been sitting in my (heated & air
conditioned) basement for 28 years - patiently waiting for me to do
something with it.  However, like most of the other "treasures"
that followed me home over the years from various ham-fests & flea markets,
the grandiose projects I envisioned for them at the time somehow never
seemed to come to fruition; and grudgingly I've finally come to accept the
fact that I'm never going to use the HFL-2500 :-(

Price Reduced to *$900*  (I'll be dropping the price monthly by $100
increments until it sells)

A PDF with pics & specs is available by email attachment for anyone

It's located at my QTH.  Local pick-up preferred - it weighs 667 lbs.
Shipping is possible, but I really don't want to deal with getting it to a
local trucking company terminal.


Springfield MO 65809
(417) 886-0066
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