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Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 03:47:45 -0400
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My TH-5 at 100 feet was too high by all calculations, but that was the only place I had for it and man did it play well on DX. If I could hear 'em, I could "usually" work them on one call. Statistically it would have done better mounted lower. OTOH there were the sloping dipoles anchored for 75 and 40, plus a single half sloper for 160 anchored under it which means it really wasn't 100' above ground. OTOH I discovered I get good results with the FT5000MP running 200 watts into an AV640 on a 25 foot mast on 40 and 20 compared to the center fed, half wave, sloping dipoles (on 40) with the high ends around 90 feet..

BTW I ordered an ANAN-8000DLE. I like the numbers.
I figure with my network, I can run the rig from the house or shop without the need for SO2R and all the associated switching along with all the extra required coax connectors. I don't worry about loss in connectors on HF. Even with UHF connectors. Even with the AIM it is difficult to spot a UHF connector on 40, or 20.

If I sell all the excess equipment I can pretty much afford the OM A4000, or save some money and get the little A2000+ which includes 6 meters.
I'd mount either amp in the basement, directly under the station in the den.

73, Roger (K8RI)

On 5/21/2017 Sunday 9:55 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
On Sun,5/21/2017 6:00 PM, Bill Turner wrote:
Antennas can be too high, believe it or not. Talking about DX, not

I've studied that extensively, and even wrote a tutorial applications note on what I learned. It's pretty near impossible for most of us to rig an antenna too high for bands below 30M -- a quarter-wave is low, a half-wave is just starting to get good, and 3/4 wave is not too high for anything but NVIS. My 40M dipoles at 120-140 ft play REALLY well. That's about 1 wavelength high. My 30M dipoles are at 100 ft (also about one wavelength). BTW -- contrary to widely held myth, 0.22 wavelength high is optimum for NVIS, and 0.33 wavelength is only 1 dB down from optimum.

The tutorial app note is

73, Jim K9YC

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