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Talk is cheep. Ask them if they will put that in writing? Also ask if they will put a penalty clause stating they will give you a $100k payment should they fail the 15 year test. After all if it was true, they should have no problems with that. On the other hand if they baulk , that tells you that they are just talk with no truth. Additionally, Please be honest... If you are reluctant to ask them for that guarantee, that shows that you KNOW they are just talk. Someone or Anyone let me know if anyone gets that guarantee.

Remember company plans do change with new management or when they get a bad P&L. This is especially true if they are listed on any exchange such as NASDAQ. Like the dip in early 2016 (NXPI at $65) and now back on a good clime this year ($109.00) now. companies tend to make strong claims on the peek and pull claims back claims on the stock dip. Often they have no choice. The device market history is the only good indicator. Solid State RF power devices still have a very poor history. Translation... the market speaks with authority, companies just talk.

I have a solid state amp (dual BLF188) homebrew amp, and have two (2) tube amps one of which is AL-1500 with 8877 tube. I love them all, but understand the risk of SS replacement as I have been in broadcasting or the RF repair business since 1971 and a Ham since 1962. I have lived through everything that I have said above.

73, Bruce, W8HW

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I recently took part in a webinar on the new, 1800 watt, 65 volt, LDMOS
transistors made by NXP.  It is the MRFX1K80, and NXP plans to produce
it for at least 15 years.

Tom   W0IVJ
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