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Re: [Amps] Real time tests to see if an RF transformer is saturating?

Subject: Re: [Amps] Real time tests to see if an RF transformer is saturating?
From: Chris Wilson <>
Reply-to: Chris Wilson <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2017 13:56:30 +0100
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Hello Manfred,

Thanks  for  clarifying  that,  I  have  the  20 turn winding with the
grounded  end coming out on the side of the core with no terminal pins
and joining the 8 turn winding on the side with the pins.  I can't see
it will affect things though. Whilst I have your magic ear maybe you
can  advise  on  the next heating issue please? With two amps combined
the  centre  toroidal  core  and winding get pretty hot if I use OPERA
with  its  32 minute transmission. The two end cores and windings stay
cool.  I  wonder  if you can suggest a better core or whatever please?
The  LPF  is detailed here, and they are in individual sealed die cast
alloy  boxes,  so  air  flow is none existent, but I suspect even if I
mill two openings in the centre box and put mesh over the apertures it
will  still be marginal. A fan sound like a kludge. Ideas very welcome
indeed!!    The schematic is in the link.

On Monday, June 12, 2017,  you wrote:

> Hi Chris,

> well, I'm glad that the transformer project was successful.

>> I  believe  I  am  being  a bit thick and probably not
>> understanding  how you intended the wires to appear off the bobbin. If
>> I  follow your instruction verbatim, as I believe they are intended, I
>> would end up not being able to have full turns on the 20 turn winding,
>> as  bringing  them  out on opposing sides would add(or subtract a half
>> turn  from  one  of  them. 

> Indeed you misunderstoff what I meant. What I meant was winding only 
> full turns, never half turns, and by "bringing out the wire on opposing
> sides", the "sides" I meant are the side walls of the bobbin. So, if you
> place the bobbin on the desk in front of jyou such that it can roll away
> or toward you, left and right are the two sides I mean. NOT with the 
> bobbin lying flat on its side!

> It's the orientation from which you look at a bobbin while winding it in
> a machine.

> So the two wires of a winding always come out through the same core opening.

> Manfred

Best regards,

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