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[Amps] When to leave the amp on vs turn off.

Subject: [Amps] When to leave the amp on vs turn off.
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2018 09:06:59 -0400
List-post: <>

For years I've turned on the amp when 
needed or when anticipated I will likely 
use it as trying to work a DXpedetion or 
sked. Turning off the amp, I've waited 
till the tubes (pair of 8877 & another amp 
with a pair of 3-500) are cooled down & 
then turned off when done. Sometimes I 
plan to use the amp later in the day & 
wonder if I should turn it off & restart 
later or better to leave it running.

I've been concerned that frequent 
cool-down & warm-up will cause future 
leaks from excessive contraction/expansion 
of the tubes. At the same time I have 
concerns for leaving the fan on 

A replacement blower for the old Alpha SX 
will be less expensive than replacing 
tubes but replacement blowers for it I 
understand, are difficult to obtain.

I'm interested in thoughts about when it's 
best to shut down an amp vs better to 
leave it running. Other than the obvious 
mechanical wear on the fan, is there an 
issue on the tubes or PS by leaving the 
amp on but unused for hours at a time. 

What's a practical rule of thumb?



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