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[Amps] Problem with Emtron amp.

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Subject: [Amps] Problem with Emtron amp.
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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 18:56:46 +0100 (CET)
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MyEmtron DX-1b with QSK-option (vacuum-relay), bought new in 2002, hasbeen 
working flawlessly with the original GU74b until some weeks ago.Never used with 
more than 700w out.

Todayssituation: When using the amp intensly, as within a contest, aftersome 
minutes, the protection system cuts off for some seconds, as forexample in case 
of hight SWR. However, this cut-off occursindependently of driving transceiver, 
power, antenna, SWR andtemperature. The LED-indicators for IG2 start quickly to 
rise, jumpover to «overdrive» and cut-off happens. After 2 sec. amp is 
readyagain, everything seems to be normal, but the symptoms repeatthemselves.

Ihave adjusted tx-delay in trcv with bk, semi-bk, full-bk andtransmit-receive 
button, keying by MOS or reed relay; no difference.

HVshows normal value at the meter: 2.6 kV

Isuspected the tube, so 2 weeks ago the original tube has beenreplaced with a 
(formatted) spare one, no difference. IG-voltage isexactly as required 356 V.

Trcvris a IC7610. It drives other amps (Expert 1K-FA, AL-572) withoutproblems.

Iwould be grateful for any hints.

73sfrom Norway


 Sikkert sent med Tutanota. Krev din kryptert postkassen i dag!
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