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[Amps] ACOM1010 Xformer growling

Subject: [Amps] ACOM1010 Xformer growling
From: Tack JE1CKA <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 10:26:20 +0900
List-post: <>
I had a very clean used ACOM1010(a 4CX800, 160-10m) amplifier yesterday with $500US. It runs fine but a following issue.
A transformer is growling very badly.
When the amp was keyed a transformer started to growl, and it was driven 50-60w input a roar became terrible.
I checked the fix bolt of the transformer and found nothing wrong.
How to fix this transformer growling.
Tack Kumagai, JE1CKA

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