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Re: [Amps] If you posted a message

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Subject: Re: [Amps] If you posted a message
From: George Fremin III <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 16:16:00 -0500
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> On May 20, 2019, at 3:45 PM, <> 
> wrote:
> If it's not a rude question, why the heck are messages being vetted in the 
> first place?
> Ive not seen that occur anywhere else and in my opinion, it shows mistrust 
> and I consider it a gross insult to the intelligence of all members on this 
> list.


It is not a rude question. 

There have been large periods of time when this list has not been moderated at 
This mostly works - until someone does something that causes issues.  These 
can be minor (or seem minor to the original poster) or they can be not so 

I approve 99.9% or more of the messages that are posted to the list - there are 
very few
messages that are not passed on to the list - this is why the list has been 
allowed to 
be set to unmoderated status for long periods of time.  Plus it is less work 
for me. 

There are many many email lists like the amps list that are either fully 
moderated or partially 
moderated - this is very common - without this all lists with larger membership 
see a decline 
in signal to noise ratio.  

The kinds of messages that I do not approve are: 

- Messages that are off topic.  ie. not about amps even if it is about Amateur 
  There are lists for those topics - this is a list about amps.  This even 
applies if 
  you mark you message as ‘off topic’ or OT.  If you know enough to put that in 
your message
  then it does not belong wherever you are posting it.  

- Messages that attack other users or threads that turn into fights. 
  Usually these things start out as fine on topic threads but over time someone 
feels they
  have had their honor impinged and they start yelling at each other.  The list 
as a whole
  does not need watch folks fight with each other.  There are lists for that I 
am sure. 

- Messages that were meant as a reply to a person but were also copied to the 
  These messages are clearly directed at one person but they are sent the list. 
  They contain information or requests for that one person - again we do not 
need to all
  see that message. 

- Requests for help with the list such as how to subscribe or unsubscribe etc. 
  The list software is pretty smart and it does some amount of filtering for 
these types of messages on its own
  but some do make it to the list and would be posted when the list is in auto 

- Meta discussions about the list or list polices.  This message from you is an 
example.  Normally I would 
  not release this message to the list but since I had several other others 
send similar questions directly to me just like yours. 
  Yours was the only one sent to the list as well. I approved your post to the 
list so that I could answer your question
  as it is likely there are others who have the same question.
 - Spam.  The system has pretty decent spam filtering (sometimes too good) but 
it is not perfect. 
   some spam does make it to the list.  We only allow members to post to the 
list with out my approval - but 
   since I can not vette all the list subscribers we have had a few spam 
messages make it to the list
   in the past when it has been on auto mode.   In some cases spam has gotten 
through because a list member’s 
   computer has been compromised and spam or other malicious messages are sent 
to all the addresses
   in their address book to all the people they have ever gotten email from. 

- Malicious messages sent intentionally to the list to shock or otherwise stir 
up trouble.  This has happened several 
  times on this list.  These folks are in the same class as a person that jams 
some on the air frequency.  And while
  I have removed the posting address - once their message it out to the list it 
is it out I can not stop it after the fact. 

I do not feel that any of the above reasons rise to the level of "a gross 
insult to the intelligence of all members on this list”.
I am sorry that you feel this way but perhaps now you will better understand 
the reasons this (and may other lists like it) is
run in this manner. 

It is just a fact of life on the internet. 

George Fremin III
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