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[Amps] 87A Display Issue

To: Amplifier Reflector <>
Subject: [Amps] 87A Display Issue
From: N7SC <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2019 17:40:14 -0700
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Hello All...

  I'm working on an issue with the Tune-IP-HV LED display.  It works correctly on the tune and IP function,  however it always shows full scale on the HV function.

The analog voltages from the HV board up to the analog multiplexer (U13) on the microprocessor board look ok.  However, the multi sig voltage going from the A/D IC (U11)  on the processor board to the LM3914 display always shows +5v only on the HV function.

Could this possibly be a programming issue ?? Has anyone ever seen this ? I'm at a total loss. Hi Hi....Any help would would be appreciated !!



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