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Re: [Amps] Amp causing RFI new attempt on the original request

Subject: Re: [Amps] Amp causing RFI new attempt on the original request
From: Henk Remijn PA5KT via Amps <>
Reply-to: Henk Remijn PA5KT <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 18:38:48 +0100
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I think this is an interesting question which deserves a better answer then the ground loop discussion.

The Tentec is a solid state amplifier and the SB220 is using tubes.

In general tube amps are more lineair then solid state.

I would try to measure them on a spectrum analyzer to see if there is a different in produced spectrum.
Based on that you might consider an additional filter on your amplifier.

Most likely the cheapest solution is some kind of ferrite around the wires of the light.

73 Henk PA5KT

Op 28-1-2020 om 17:37 schreef Gary Hendricks:
I have a Tentec Hercules II amplifier. When I am on 40 meters only it
sets off my neighbors outside motion light. I know these lights are a
problem, but what has me concerned is when I run my old SB-230 at the
same power level his light does not come on.
Do you think this indicates some purity issues with the Tentec amp?
Maybe something in the VHF range?
I wonder if an old fashioned low pass filter might help. Any ideas?
Gary K4MT
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