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Subject: [Amps] Transformer Question
From: "Matt" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020 00:49:08 -0600
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The HV transformer in my Gonset GSB-201 (original series model) recently
shorted out.   Peter Dahl offers a replacement, but the cost is not really
economical considering the value of the amplifier.   I am curious about
replacing it with an Ameritron 811H transformer (at a quarter of the cost)
and I would appreciate any sage advice that can be offered.    The amplifier
uses a quad of 811A's.   Peter Dahl rates their replacement transformer 1700
VAC @ 0.5A CCS and 6.3VAC @ 20A CCS.   It weighs 31 lbs.    The 811H
transformer is rated 1500 VAC @ 0.5A and 6.5VAC @ 16A.    It weighs 17 lbs.
The PS in the Gonset uses a full wave bridge and ripple is filtered by a
rather hefty choke and 500 uF of capacitors (replaced with computer grade
caps some years ago) before feeding the plate choke.    There is also a
switchable 4K, 100w series resistor in the circuit to limit the plate
current during tune-up.    It looks like the 811H PS uses 840 uF of filter
caps.   The Gonset has no input tank but is driven by an older tube rig (CW
& SSB only).


Thanks in advance for advice, knowledge, and comments you can offer.





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