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[Amps] For Sale: Alpha 76A heavily modified to work on 6m only

To: Amps Reflector <>
Subject: [Amps] For Sale: Alpha 76A heavily modified to work on 6m only
From: "Bob Wilson, N6TV" <>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2020 16:53:44 -0700
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For Sale:

   - *Alpha 76A Heavily Modified to work on 6m Only - $800 or Best Offer*

   Two (2) 8874 tubes.  Puts out about 700 W max.  Tested with dummy load
   only.  Tunes from 50 - 51.5 Mhz. Very quiet blower.  Very clean.  All meter
   bulbs new.

   Shipping not included.  Will ship from Northern California by whatever
   method you prefer (UPS, FedEx, DHL).  Transformer shipped separately.
   Local pickup or delivery can be arranged to avoid shipping charges.  No
   manual, but I will supply a PDF scanned copy of the original Alpha 76A /
   76PA / 76CA "Operating and Technical Manual" that I found on the Internet.

   Many photos of the modified amp., inside, outside, and operating key up
   and key down, here:

Not shown:  shipping screws for the blower, to be installed prior to
shipping.  Also not shown, a removable label I added above the band switch:
"50-51.5 MHz Only".

I do not know who did the 6m mods for the original owner, N6RA.  Maybe
someone on this list recognizes the work.  Tom's memory is failing so he
does not remember.

A broken push button and other minor repairs were just completed by Dick
Byrd, N4UQ.  He said he was able to get 900W out on 6m, but he was using a
different transformer.  He can't officially "certify" this amp. because it
was so heavily modified, but it does seem to work fine on 6m.

Please contact me off list if interested.


Bob, N6TV
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