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[Amps] RPC 3-500 tubes

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Subject: [Amps] RPC 3-500 tubes
From: "Robert Wood, P.E. \(retired\)" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 17:01:00 -0600
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Recently purchased set of 3-500 tubes Made PRC and installed in AL82 amp

This AL82 had the Zener diodes replaced with diode string before I purchased
it YEARS ago.

Old arrl handbook shows 3-500 (single tube) with 30 watts input (GG-class B)
with 110 ma grid current.

My AL82 shows about 100ma grid current, two tubes, 80 watts out on driver
rig and about 1KW out.


Anyone else running set of Chinese 3-500 and could share grid current


and yes this is all issue because can't get power out 


73 W5AJ



Midland, Texas


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