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[Amps] Fan / Blower for ETO 91b / Alpha 91b

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Subject: [Amps] Fan / Blower for ETO 91b / Alpha 91b
From: "OZ0J Joe" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2021 07:31:00 +0100
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I do have an ETO 91b (EU model of Alpha 91b) where the fan / blower has
given up. 


I did find  <> Does anyone know whatever this
company is still existing? Present there are no contact information, but I
guess that cause COVID-19.


I did bought a fan / blower from some years ago but the fan
from them do not fit in directly. They did have a plastic item to "move" the
wind to the correct direction, but I never bought that and the company seems
to been closed. 


I did find a part list where some items inside the fan / blower is
mentioned. Does anyone have a clue where I can buy these parts  e.g. the
motor for the fan / blower? 


Or if anyone have a suggestion / link to another fan that fit into an ETO
91b or Alpha 91b please contact me here or off the list. Any help is



73 Joe, OZ0J <>  






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