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Re: [Amps] SB-200 Mods

Subject: Re: [Amps] SB-200 Mods
From: Jim <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 06:30:33 -0600
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Absolutely agree Jeff and Lou.

Heathkit SB1000 or AL-80A is the way to go for multiband, (and warc) with 160. 160 only, then yes! Convert the SB200.

Jim W7RY

On 1/28/2021 5:55 AM, gudguyham via Amps wrote:
I agree with Jeff, adding 160 is just too much work and it would be a compromise at the end of the day. 
 You’ll end up spending more money and time than if you got your hands on a hacked 200 for CB or just one 
that suffered a band switch blow out.  Tear it apart and build it as a mono band 160 amp instead.  Now that 
will work perfectly and put out lots of power and it WON’T be a compromise!  I’ve been there done 

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On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 11:55 PM, Jeff Blaine <> 

I spent a bit of time on that amp a while back.  Involved a GI7B
conversion but warc operation was part of the goal.  I forget which warc
band it was that the plate choke is self resonant close too, but it's
one of them.  You would need to treat it for that.

My rationale for the project was to hone my construction, amp and design
skills so the investment has some payback in perpetuity. The amp today
sits on the shelf with a variety of problems, never to see RF again.

In fact, given I did spend a massive amount of time and money on that
project, in retrospect I have many times strongly recommend guys asking
me about the project to just track down an AL80b (single tube 3-500z
amp) instead.  The AL80b is about 10x the amp in just most other than
sentimental respects.  And it's relatively easy to sell an unmodified
SB-200 as well.


On 1/27/21 9:08 PM, Jim wrote:
And this was converting it to ONLY 160 meters. Not adding 160 to it.

If you search on SB200 160 meters, you will find many examples.

Jim W7RY

On 1/27/2021 7:31 PM, Jim wrote:
There was an article in one of the 60-70s arrl handbooks about a 160
meter conversion to an SB200.

Jim W7RY
On 1/27/2021 3:56 PM, Jim Koshmider via Amps wrote:
Has anyone in the group modified an SB-200 for 160 meters, or for
the WARC bands?  Any info would be appreciated.
Jim,  K8OZ

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