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Re: [Amps] 0-5 KV meter needed

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Subject: Re: [Amps] 0-5 KV meter needed
From: David G4FTC <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 12:16:30 +0000
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Hi Byron,

My approach to producing dedicated meter scales is as follows. You will need 
flatbed scanner and a laser printer.

1 - Remove the meter scale, place on flatbed scanner and obtain jpg or bmp 

2 - Using photoshop or similar program to edit the image, delete the existing 
calibration numerals but leave the graduated scale. Make sure whatever image 
editing software you use maintains the physical dimensions of the meter scale.

3- Using photoshop, add your required calibration numerals - you can also add 
text for things such as "Anode Current", "Grid Current" along with an "A" or 
"V" or whatever to give an added professional look.

4 - Print off onto a suitably sized Avery Laserjet self-adhesive label and 
stick to meter face over the existing meter scale .

The Avery labels appear to be of a plastic composition as opposed to paper and 
I've been doing the above for a number of projects over what must be a 20 year 
period and never had any of the Avery labels fade, discolour, or peel off. They 
can be peeled off with care should you need to change the calibration at a 
later date.

Hope this helps

David G4FTC

From: Amps <> on behalf of Byron Tatum 
Sent: 06 January 2022 05:29
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Subject: [Amps] 0-5 KV meter needed

Hello-    I am in need of a 0-5 KV DC scaled meter with a 1 mA movement in a 3" 
round black case. I am building an amplifier control circuit and am using 3" 
round Weston 301 and 1531 series meters. Or, if anyone has a scale plate 0-5 KV 
for the Weston 301 series I can use just that as I have the 0-1 mA movements 
here.    Thanks,
   Byron W5FH
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