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Re: [Amps] Alpha 87A Blower - Resolved

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Alpha 87A Blower - Resolved
From: Charlie Young <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 18:43:19 +0000
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Many thanks for all the prompt responses.

AE0Q answered my question about the proper way to install the plastic rotor on 
the shaft.  He uses no heat, it just pushes on.

However, K5MM offered to sell me a NOS Alpha blower which he had as a spare for 
an amp he previously sold.  In the interest of saving time, I have gone with 
that option.  Thanks Ron.

I will keep the Dayton motor and plastic rotor wheel as spares.

Now to put this thing back together once the new blower arrives.

I am a regular reader of this list and once again it has come through.  What a 
valuable resource!!

73 Charlie N8RR

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From: Charlie Young<>
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2022 12:28 PM
Subject: Alpha 87A Blower

Three years ago I acquired by trade an Alpha 87A with a defective blower.  This 
was to help a friend who did not want to hassle with the Alpha any more because 
he had just replaced this blower within the last year or two.  The Alpha was 
surplus to my needs but I have decided to repair it.   When I got the amp, I 
tried to get a blower from Alpha but the OEM unit was unavailable.  They 
recommended a Dayton generic replacement motor, which needed to be modified.  I 
have the new blower they recommended.  In addition I purchased from Alpha a new 
rotor to go on this motor shaft.

This plastic rotor is made by Advanced Air in Florida.  It comes with a 
compression ring around the central hub where the 3/8” shaft goes through.  The 
rotor is a compression fit on the shaft.  I have not attempted to install the 
rotor on the shaft yet.  Has anyone done this install?  My plan is to heat the 
rotor with a heat gun and try to press it on the shaft.  I think the 
compression ring, if removed, would be a bear to reinstall down inside the 
motor housing, so I am inclined to leave it in place and just heat up the whole 
thing.   Any guidance before I attempt this rotor install on the motor shaft?

This blower is a bear to access.  It is tempting to rear mount a blower and be 
done with it, since the amp is for my own use and I don’t care about reselling 
it.  Anyone done that.  I think it would be relatively simple.


73 Charlie N8RR

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