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Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2022 02:05:49 -0400
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Guys, it's a little off-topic, but while we are talking about audio gear, have 
any of you played with the Heil "Parametric Receive Audio System"?

I have it on the desk here this week, and... I'm underwhelmed.

It's certainly not hardened against RF, and the pots do almost nothing through 
most of their travel, and ramp up really quickly near the end. Are linear 
taipers more expensive and Bob was cutting corners?

It does do what is claimed on the box, but it's quite an expensive three-band 
EQ (with the parametric band having non-adjustable Q). OH, and you can plug 
headphones into it, if you don't want to also spring for the powered speaker. 
All that for $269!

According to the marketing hype, the PRAS is a "state-of-the-art audio 
processor". Hasn't parametric EQ been around since George Massenburg introduced 
it in the 1970's?

I'll probably keep it, but I am very glad I bought it used at a lower price. 
Now, off to find more ferrites to put on every single cord attached to this 


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