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[Amps] Tokyo High Power HL350VDX fuses / confusion

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Subject: [Amps] Tokyo High Power HL350VDX fuses / confusion
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Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2022 22:22:18 -0400
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A friend of mine recently acquired a Tokyo High Power HL350VDX /2M/ 300W amp

Some things in manual  and in practice don't add up

1) The manual shows two 20 amp fuses, one in the positive line and one in the negative line 2) the amp is advertised as 300W amp but in the manual it says it will need 42A at 250 W out and no mention of what the typical draw at 300W would be but I am guessing around 50A. The two 20amp fuses obviously wont survive that and indeed somewhere around 150W out the amp does blow the 20A fuses.

so I guess my questions are
1) IS this really a 300W amp or just 100W?
2) If it is a 300W watt amp how big a fuse does it really need 50A?
3) is the "42A @ 250W" a typo? and it really only draws say 22A @250W ( and there is a fault in this particular amp that causes it blow 20A fuses) ? 4)250W out @42A would be about 44% efficiency of a 13.8 volt supply seems reasonable so what size fuses? 50A?



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