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Subject: [Amps] HENRY 2K ULTRA
From: "Terry Baxter" <>
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Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 01:06:08 +0000
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        Guys, I recently picked up a very nice Henry 2K ULTRA amplifier. I
have no previous information on the history of the amplifier. The only
problem I have found so far is an open plate choke. This particular
amplifier has a B&W 800 choke installed. Looking at the photo in the
manual this is not the choke that is shown and it looks like it may
have been replaced somewhere along the line. Or perhaps Henry made a

        I know there are not that many of these amplifiers out there but does
anyone have experience with this amplifier? If it has had issues with
two chokes perhaps there is a design issue or maybe an operator issue?
In 65 years of operations I have never seen an open plate choke in any
rig. I have repaired the 800 choke and I am close to firing this thing
up with HV. Everything else seems to be normal. The tubes have been
tested and although they are soft there were no issues detected.

        There is very little information available on this amplifier.

        Any comments?  


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