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[Amps] Alpha 86

Subject: [Amps] Alpha 86
From: David Tenenbaum <>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2022 09:21:39 -0500
List-post: <>
Hi All,

I have an Alpha 86 that I have been using set up for 110v, and finally have 
access to 220v, so looking forward to seeing what it can REALLY put out. 
Unfortunately I have made the jumper changes (terminal in the back for 110 
operation has locations 1&2 jumpered, 3&4 jumpered, and 5&6 jumpered, but for 
220 only locations 2&3 are jumpered), and the unit fails to light up or come 
online. I hear a single relay activation when I hit the "On" switch, but no 
lights or fan.

Fearing I hurt the unit I restored it to 110v operation and all is good. I set 
it back to 220v and same problem. I checked continuity from the plug's ground 
to chassis ground, and the hot leads show continuity to the right places. I 
have been using a 220v SB200 on that outlet just fine.

Any thoughts or leads appreciated! Never thought I would have a problem just 
switching supply voltages....


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