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Re: [Amps] transformer identification

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Subject: Re: [Amps] transformer identification
From: Rob Atkinson <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 04:56:19 -0600
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How about telling us what the transformer looks like?   As in, the
arrangement of lugs and lug insulation.  If it is clear that there are
two sets of lugs on say, opposite sides of the core, then you have a
clear indication of primary and secondary.   If all the lugs have
ceramic insulation then both windings are intended for high voltage.
That means it's a modulation transformer.  If you only have two lugs
it's a choke.   is it potted or in a sealed can (filled with oil
likely)?  Maybe one set of lugs has three lugs and the other set has
four.  That means probably a center tap on the secondary and primary
windings for 120 or 240 v.  that means plate iron.  and so on.  Maybe
we can tell you what you have without fooling around with a catalog.
You can put AC across one winding using a variac to lower the v. down
to 20 or 30 v. rms AC and put an AC volt meter across the opposite
winding and get the step up or step down v.  and from that you can
figure out the primary and secondary operating v.  Ballpark current
rating can be judged by size/weight.

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