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[Amps] 10 kw CCS on 6M..using the 3CX-6000A7...Part 11

Subject: [Amps] 10 kw CCS on 6M..using the 3CX-6000A7...Part 11
From: "jim.thom" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 13:52:35 -0800
List-post: <>
Here the paralleled, high power RJ2B output relays are installed on a
custom bracket.  RG-400  teflon coax is used for the bypass leg. It goes
through a grommet..and terminates on the smaller input  RJ1A vac relay.
More RG-400 tefon coax from input SO-239 the same RJ1A input
relay.  SFT-600 teflon coax (blue) used between the pair of output
relays...and the output coax connector...which is a  7-16 DIN  female
type.  The output relays coils are wired in parallel, with the back emf
diode across one of the coils.

This completes the vac relay installation and wiring.  A total of 4 x vac
relays are used. (1) input.  (2) cutoff bias. (3+4) paralleled output
relays.   The feedthrough (bypass)  swr will be measured,  and a
compensation cap installed to cancel out residual  XL.   SFT-600 teflon
coax is the teflon version of LMR-600..and dwarfs RG-393.
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