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[Amps] Update on 10kw 3CX-6000A7 6 Meter Linear Amplifier

Subject: [Amps] Update on 10kw 3CX-6000A7 6 Meter Linear Amplifier
From: "jim.thom" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2023 06:57:15 -0700
List-post: <>
Minor update.

Plate choke started to make  int popping noises in 2 x places on it's
windings, when amp run at 3.3 kw out.

I Re-designed the plate choke.  Original choke was 52 uh with it's 1st
series resonance @ 26.990 mhz.  Problem was, the 2nd series resonance was
too close to 6m.

New choke is 7.784 uh  and wound with 16 ga thermalize magnet wire on a 1"
teflon rod.  22 turns....and resonates at 69.247 mhz.
(I since came up with a slightly better version still.  9 uh, and wound on
3/4" Teflon rod, 37 turns of 16 ga....and resonates at 73.114 mhz).

Also re-designed the safety choke that is in parallel with the vac load
cap.  It's now just 7 uh.  (19 ga, wound on 1" teflon rod).

The temp 240 vac line, used for testing was way too small a gauge, and >
50' long.   New  100 amp breaker gets installed in abt 1 hr, with a real
short (7-10')  2 ga power cable,  from breaker to B+ supply.  We will find
out pretty quickly today, if things have been optimized, and all minor
bugs  out.
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