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Re: [Amps] High Voltage Switching Supply (Bob D.)

Subject: Re: [Amps] High Voltage Switching Supply (Bob D.)
From: Steve Thompson via Amps <>
Reply-to: Steve Thompson <>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2024 13:49:32 +0000
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Sorry, no idea why a blank email went out. Try again....

There's a piece by VK3HZ on a Panasonic supply from many years ago,
currently to be  found at, also some
discussions in the archives here.

Steve G8GSQ

On 03/03/2024 00:02, Bob D. wrote:
Google brought a couple of youtube videos:
1. Three wire control signal requirements for the Panasonic Inverter module.
2. A hacked enclosure and control.

These things are roughly $60 on ebay, amazon, etc.
Mentioned in the video is 2200V under load. No further detail.
I'm a bit more motivated to dig mine out.

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