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[Amps] WD7S lack of HV circuit ?

Subject: [Amps] WD7S lack of HV circuit ?
From: "jim.thom" <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2024 06:58:45 -0700
List-post: <>
WD7S, on one of his boards he sold, was made to shut things down in the
event of loss of B+.
If I remember correctly, it resembled a mess of series resistors, like you
would use to meter HV, (without the meter), and an extra smaller value
resistor, in series at the cold end.  The V drop across the small value
resistor was like 5-7 vdc.... and was applied to the rest of the circuit.

When the B+ dropped below a given threshold, the circuit tripped, and
kicked the amp opening off the keyline etc.  I think it used
a spt, or dpdy mech relay..that was always operated, with B+  turned on.  I
think the coil was opened off when the circuit tripped.

I can't find the original schematic for this board anywhere.
Does anybody have any info on it ?

Jim  VE7RF
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