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[Antennaware] Re: NVIS -- modeling, mininec vs nec-2 disparity

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Subject: [Antennaware] Re: NVIS -- modeling, mininec vs nec-2 disparity
From: (Bob Ferrey, Jr.)
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 20:27:15 -0400
Here is the information about the NVIS Antenna. Also this link is excellent:


Why use an NVIS antenna?

To work the Skip Zone {out to about 1000 miles}.
Areas behind obstructions and in dense foliage.
To hear the near in stations just beyond ground wave range.
Great for Field Day and contesting as a "Gap Filler" antenna.
Easy antenna for HF mountain topping and camping trips to get RF out of deep

Must work frequencies below the Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF).
This is not a DX antenna.
Needs to use an antenna tuner for good match.
Power Limited to about 200 Watts.
Beverage Mode Losses limit achievable gain.

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